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... – DHBW) / Centre for Medical Education and Educational Research of the Charité Berlin, Germany Didactics of Higher Education of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria / Dual Studies ...

Eva Maria Fernandez Ammann M.A.

Eva Maria Fernández Ammann M.A. Freelance Trainer and Presentation Freelance Trainer and Facilitator for Didactics of Higher Education, Intercultural Communication, Presentation and Facilitation ...

Moritz Nestle

... the trainer and didactics of higher education Facilitation and mediation Referenzprojekte Heidelberg University of Education Training Academy (Akademie für wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung  ...

Sonja Rapp M.A.

...  Conception and performance of workshops and training courses on topics of didactics of higher education and communication for university teachers and students Management trainings Coaching on topics ...
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